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Mont Blanc

This is the proposal of the observatory in Paris. The outline is a mountain shape and the spiral slope corridor is dug out in it. It creates the spatial experience where the visibility of the visitor gradually opens up according to climbing the slope. The inside of the mountain is filled with the truss-like structure that is made of laminating steel corrugated sheets with holes in honeycomb shape. The structure is the same as the structure of the chair "Hechima" that has been designed from 2004 and will be exhibited at Daikanyama Installation in November 2005, but it is changed the way of opening holes a little. By gradually increasing the size of the hole to be opened in the corrugated sheet from the bottom to the top, the transparency of the mountain changes according to the height. And that operation also makes the structure more stable because the bottom becomes heavy and the top becomes light.

Title  Mont Blanc (The international competition of Olympic Landmark 2012 in Paris)
Design  September 2005
Use  Landmark and Observatory
Site  Paris, France
Building Area  2,476m2
Height  35m
Structure  Steel
Material  Corrugated steel pipe
Design  Hideyuki Nakayama, Ryuji Nakamura, Kyoko Mishima




名称 モンブラン(国際実施コンペ「パリ・オリンピック・ランドマーク 2012」応募案)
設計 2005年9月
用途 ランドマーク、展望台
敷地 フランス、パリ
面積 2,476㎡
高さ 35m
構造 スチール
素材 スチール・コルゲート・パイプ
設計 中山英之、中村竜治、三島香子

Ryuji Nakamura and Associates