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This is the eyewear shop facing the back street of Gaien-nishi Dori. The space is about 10 m in width and about 5 m in depth, and the interior of the shop can be seen well through the glass facade. It was requested to exhibit about 1,000 pairs of glasses simply and clearly at the space not so wide. Since a pair of glasses is small and delicate, I thought to try to exclude display shelves that tends to be more conspicuous than glasses to make the space that there are only glasses. The entire wall is covered with the cloth with slits and glasses are hung on the slits and exhibited vertically. The cloth is fixed to the frame protruded from the wall with Velcro while applying tension. The cutting section of the slit is left in the state of being cut off without being sewed to keep simplicity. Before cutting the cloth, the transparent paint containing resin is printed on the slit part to prevent fraying of the edge of the slit. The exhibition wall of the cloth with less detail becomes completely background of glasses and creates the simple space that only glasses emerge as if you are in snow. The customers first regards it as a normal white wall, notice that it is the soft cloth as approaching, notice the existence of the slit soon after that and further notice the detail of the slit and the cutting section when picking glasses up. They encounter glasses while feeling the subtle changes of the display wall texture depending on the distance.

Completion  3 March 2006
Use  Eyewear shop
Site  JP-2 1F, 2-10-24, Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Area  50m2
Material   abric
Client  JIN
Design  Ryuji Nakamura and Associates
Construction  AIM CREATE
Fabric   UNO (Yoko Ando)
Photography  Koichi Torimura, Ryuji Nakamura
Award  Winner of GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2006, Gold Prize of JCD DESIGN AWARD 2006



名称 ジンズ・グローバル・スタンダード青山
完成 2006年3月3日
用途 アイウェア・ショップ
場所 東京都港区北青山2-10-24 JP-2 1F
面積 50m2
素材 布
施主 ジェイアイエヌ
設計 中村竜治建築設計事務所
施工 エイムクリエイツ
布製作 NUNO(安東陽子)
撮影 鳥村鋼一、中村竜治

Ryuji Nakamura and Associates