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Between container and architecture

This is the storage for storing the works of Kinpei Nakamura who is the potter of Tokyo Yaki. It was the design condition to use a second-hand marine container. So, we bought two second-hand marine containers and gave them only the eaves and the arrangement. It is made by combining a container that assumes movement and cast-in-place concrete that does not assume movement.

Title  Storage for Kimyogumi
Completion  May 2006
Use  Storage
Site  Kuji-gun, Ibaragi, Japan
Site area  472.72㎡
Building area  22.55㎡
Floor area  14.19㎡
Height  2,740 mm
Number of stories  1 stories
Structure  Second-hand marine container, Reinforced concrete
Material  Steel, Concrete
Client  Kimpei Nakamura (Potter)
Design  Makoto Yamaguchi, Ryuji Nakamura
Structural design  Konishi Structural Engineers
Construction  Heisei Kensetsu
Photograpy  Koichi Torimura




名称 錦洋組倉庫
完成 2006年5月
用途 倉庫
敷地 茨城県久慈郡
敷地面積 472.72㎡
建築面積 22.55㎡
床面積 14.19㎡
高さ 2,740 ㎜
階数 1階
構造 鉄骨造、一部鉄筋コンクリート造
素材 中古海洋コンテナ、鉄筋コンクリート
施主 中村錦平(陶芸家)
設計 山口誠、中村竜治
構造設計 小西泰孝建築構造設計
施工 平成建設
撮影 鳥村剛一

Ryuji Nakamura and Associates