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This is the eyewear shop in Nagareyama Otakanomori Shopping Center. It is at the corner lot where two public passages intersect and it is the space that makes use of the features of the corner lot. The eight display walls are arranged obliquely at 45 degrees to the public passage. The oblique passages formed in the shop connect the two public passages and create the space that customers feel they want to pass through. The shop becomes the space not to complete in the leased area by taking in the surrounding situations positively. Thereby I thought that it could attract more customers. The shallow shelves like a striped pattern of wallpaper and the mirrors like a picture are installed on the walls of the passages to give the passages the appearance like a typical corridor. Against continuous oblique walls the openings are opened from the backside reception counter towards each public passage to make the passages to lead the customers to the reception counter. Customers can enter the store without stress with a feeling like extension of the public passage, can pick glasses up and can try it on without stress that they are watched by salespersons. The space with a lot of walls creates the comfortable place for people to gather like a coral reef for fishes.

Completion 16 February 2007
Use Eyewear shop
Site Nagareyama-otakanomori SC 2F, 6-185-2, Nishihatsuishi, Nagareyama-shi, Chiba, Japan
Area 104 m2
Client JIN
Design Ryuji Nakamura and Associates
Construction  Eim Creates
Photography  Daici Ano
Award  Winner of THE GREAT NDOORS WARD (Netherlands), Grand Prize of JCD DESIGN AWARD, Excellent Prize of NASHOP Lighting Awards




名称 ジンズ・グローバル・スタンダード流山
完成 2007年2月16日
用途 アイウエア・ショップ
場所 千葉県流山市西初石6-185-2 流山おおたかの森SC 2F
面積 104 m2
施主 ジェイアイエヌ
設計 中村竜治建築設計事務所
施工 エイムクリエイツ
撮影 阿野太一
受賞 THE GREAT INDOORS WARD 受賞(オランダ)、JCD DESIGN AWARD大賞、ナショップライティングアワード 優秀賞

Ryuji Nakamura and Associates