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This is the scenography of the opera "Le Grand Macabre". The author of the opera is Hungarian contemporary music composer Ligeti Gyorgy Sandor (1923-2006). It was performed in various countries since being premiered in Stockholm in 1978, and it will be premiered in Japan. Yasuki Fujita known also as the director of theater company ARICA would direct the opera. It is the first time for him to direct operas. He thought the interesting directing method that a scenography influenced the singers and the influence would direct the singers, rather than directing the singers directory and finely. So I thought the scenography that gives inconvenience to the singers, rather than a scenography as just a background. Hanging a ribbon with two points creates a mechanical curve called Catenary, and the stage space is filled with the many curves containing gravity. They visualize unseen gravity and air. They are hung from the batons above the stage of the height 11 meters, and 242 ribbons in total are arranged in the grid shape emphasizing the perspective. The scenes are created of deforming the shape of the entire ribbons instantly or slowly by controlling the ten batons. When the ribbons come down near the stage floor, the singers behave on the stage while being restricted about their postures and their movements. The ribbon is thin but it has the strong presence even on a big stage by receiving light because it is woven with white shiny fibers.

Title  The scenography for the opera "Le Grand Macabre"
Completion  6 February 2009
Use  Scenography
Site  Playhouse in New National Theatre, Tokyo, 1-1-1, Honmachi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Performance title  The opera "Le Grand Macabre"
Period  7 - 8 February 2009
Area  321.22 m2
Size  W18.3 D17.5 H11.0 m
Material  Mold ribbon
Organizing  The Tokyo Chamber Opera Theatre
Director  Yasuki Fujita (ARICA)
Art direction  Ryuji Nakamura (Ryuji Nakamura and Associates)
Collaborator for art  Yoko Ando (NUNO)
Costume  Kyoko Domoto (atelier 88%)
Lighting  Takeaki Iwashina (with friends)
Stage director   undai Kanesaka (ART CREATION)
Photography  Daici Ano, Ryuji Nakamura
Award  Gold Award of JCD Design Award 2009




名称 オペラ「ル・グラン・マカーブル」舞台美術
完成 2009年2月6日
用途 舞台美術
場所 東京都渋谷区本町1-1-1 新国立劇場 中劇場
公演名 東京室内歌劇場オペラ「ル・グラン・マカーブル」
期間 2009年2月7日、8日
面積 321.22 m2
寸法 W18.3 D17.5 H11.0 m
素材 モールリボン
主催 東京室内歌劇場
演出 藤田康城(ARICA)
美術 中村竜治(中村竜治建築設計事務所)
美術協力 安東陽子(NUNO)
衣裳 堂本教子(atelier 88%)
照明 岩品武顕(with friends)
舞台監督 金坂淳台(ART CREATION)
撮影 阿野太一、中村竜治

Ryuji Nakamura and Associates