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... rather than I designed

This is the renovation of the house. The owner bought a second-hand house in search of a larger space than his house. It is the two-story reinforced concrete structure (insulated inside) and has the fine garden. The concrete skelton is formed by connecting two parallel elongated boxes in a corridor. A lot of Japanese style and Western style rooms were packed in it. The owner took them away and rebuilt only what was needed for his present life, with a reconsideration of their location. The garden was also planted with various trees, but all were removed, leaving only stones and fence. The building and garden were stripped of their original intentions, and ordinary materials, spaces and landscapes appeared in front of me with freshness. It is clear that this freshness is something that can not be obtained in new construction, and it is also the experience to realize certain limitations of the act of new construction and planning. Rather than I designed it, it may be close to the feeling that I happened to be there.

Title  House U
Completion  21 October 2013
Use  House
Site  Matsumoto-shi, Nagano, Japan
Floor area  287m2
Design  Ryuji Nakamura and Associates
Construction  System Kenso
Photography  Ryuji Nakamura




名称 U邸
完成 2013年9月21日
用途 住宅
場所 長野県松本市
床面積 287㎡
設計 中村竜治建築設計事務所
施工 システム建装
撮影 中村竜治

Ryuji Nakamura and Associates