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This is the exhibition to think about how to read books and how to overlap the words in it with your own daily life based on the concept of "To make words a part of oneself" by the book director Yoshitaka Haba. It is unique exhibition because words and texts in books are mainly displayed in spite of the exhibition about books. The ten creators who play an active part in each field select the most impressive words or texts in the book that they inspired about the design. In the exhibition room ten different paper crafts are scattered and the characters are printed on them. They are installed at places that are not likely to be usually exhibited, such as the floor, the corner of the wall, the ceiling and the glass window. And they are given the shape unique to each place. I designed the exhibition space while making use of the atmosphere of this place without changing entire space because this place is the space like a corridor through which people using the adjoining offices pass during the exhibition. The words are read by walking a long distance because they are written on very long band. And they are read by turning around the pillar because they are written around the pillar. And they are read by stooping because they are written on the floor. The meaning of the words and the texts gradually comes into you by accompanying the action like them instead of understanding them in a moment. We expect that visitors take the words home as not informations but memories accompanying the experience.

Title  Space design for the exhibition “Book, Word, Design”
Completion  29 August 2014
Use  Exhibition space
Site  Tokyo Midtown Design Hub, 5F Midtown Tower, 9-7-1, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Exhibition title  Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 47th exhibition “Book, Word, Design” 
Period  29 August – 28 September 2014
Organizing  Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Cooperation  Oji F-Tex, Waki Process
General direction  Yoshitaka Haba (BACH)
Book selector  Toyo Ito (architect), Kaoru Kasai (art director), Motoyuki Shibata (translator), K azunari Hattori (graphic designer), Yoshitaka Haba (book director), Yoko Hiramatsu (essayist), Rika Fukuda (sweets researcher), Hiroshi Homura (poet), Kunihiko Morinaga (designer), Yoshie Watanabe (graphic designer)
Floor area  451.40m2
Material  Paper, UV printing
Space design  Ryuji Nakamura & Associates
Graphic  Fumikazu Ohara (Soup Design)
Construction  Waki Process
Photography  Ryuji Nakamura




名称 「本・ことば・デザイン」展 会場構成
完成 2014年8月29日
用途 展示空間
場所 東京都港区赤坂9-7-1ミッドタウン・タワー5階 東京ミッドタウン・デザインハブ
展覧会名 東京ミッドタウン・デザインハブ第47回企画展「本・ことば・デザイン」 
期間 2014年8月29日〜9月28日
面積 451.40m2
素材 特抄用紙、UV印刷
主催 東京ミッドタウン・デザインハブ
協力 王子エフテックス、脇プロセス
総合ディレクション 幅允孝(バッハ)
本の選者 伊東豊雄(建築家)、葛西 薫(アートディレクター)、柴田元幸(翻訳家)、服部一成(グラフィックデザイナー)、幅 允孝(ブックディレクター)、平松洋子(エッセイスト)、福田里香(お菓子研究家)、穂村 弘(歌人)、森永邦彦(デザイナー)、渡邉良重(グラフィックデザイナー)
設計 中村竜治建築設計事務所
グラフィック 尾原史和(スープ・デザイン)
施工 脇プロセス
撮影 中村竜治

Ryuji Nakamura and Associates