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Sponge and wooden stool

This is the stool composed of two materials those hardness are different, sponge and wood. The sponge produces comfort and the wood produces stability when sitting. The two materials cut with a semi-circular motif just touch without any steps and gaps. In other words, they are not bonded. Although it is a very ordinary stool as structure, it is expected to function as a part of a set by such form, detail, and production accuracy. It is the collective furniture that consists of nine pieces as a whole, and also becomes a table, shelf, and partition depending on the arrangement and the presence or absence of sponge.

Title  Sponge and wooden stool
Completion  19 August 2019
Use  Bench, table, shelf, partition and so on
Exhibition site  Palazzo Budini Gattai, Piazza della Santissima Annunziata 1,via dei Servi 51, Firenze, Italy
Exhibition period  23 March 2020 –
Size  W400 D300 H400 N9
Material  Polyurethane, plywood of Tilia japonica
Design  Ryuji Nakamura and Associates
Manufacture  E&Y
Photography  Ryuji Nakamura




名称  スポンジと木の椅子
完成  2019年8月19日
用途  椅子、机、棚、間仕切など
場所  イタリア フィレンツェ セルヴィ通り51 サンティッシマアヌンツィアータ広場1 ブッディーニガッタイ宮殿
期間  2020年3月23日〜
寸法  W400 D300 H400 x 9個
素材  ポリウレタン、シナ合板
設計  中村竜治建築設計事務所
製作  E&Y
撮影  中村竜治


Ryuji Nakamura and Associates