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This is the tea-ceremony box "arrangements" for the tea ceremony "Voyage" held as part of the exhibition of Tsubakikai. The tea ceremony is the artwork by Aiko Miyanaga. It was born when she was asked if she had any good idea to have an online tea ceremony in coronavirus crisis. What kind of tea ceremony is one can be held now that people can't meet in person and online communication has become commonplace? This work answered this easy and difficult question is packed with her unique care and ingenuity and gives us fresh experience and thinking. It is the unexpected tea ceremony where you drink tea while listening to the environmental sounds of the Kwasan Astronomical Observatory in Kyoto where the astronomers observe the sunspots every day. In addition to the sound, past observation sketches (still hand-painted in the old-fashioned way) are displayed on the website. Participants can visit the website at any time between 12:00 and 24:00 on the day of the tea ceremony, and they can hear countless cicada voices, so they can enjoy the feeling of openness that time becomes meaningless like Tatsuji Miyoshi's "Oaso". As a result of sensitively feeling the subtle stress created by online communication, which is often overlooked, and searching for the good side while minimizing it, new online communication that is indescribable is born. In addition to tea, the tea-ceremony box sent in advance contains the letter and stone made by members of Tsubakikai and the leaf collected in advance by the participants, which reminds us of the place and time. As a box to deliver them to the participants, I thought of one that is soft like a Furoshiki and transparent like a mosquito net. By stacking two pieces of cheesecloth cut into a circle and sewing them together with paper thread, some pockets are lined up along the outer circumference so that the things can be seen side by side at once. After taking out the things, it becomes a rug to put them on, creating a small space in front of a personal computer like a tatami mat in a tea-ceremony room.

Title  Aarrangements (Miyanaga san says)
Use  Tea-ceremony box for the tea ceremony "Voyage" by Aiko Miyanaga
Site  In front of a personal computer, Kwasan Astronomical Observatory (online)
Completion  10th August 2021
Title of tea-ceremony  Voyage
Date  18th August 2021
Material  Cheesecloth, Paper string
Size  φ320
Host   Aiko Miyanaga
Arrangements  Ryuji Nakamura, Yoshihisa Tanaka
Letter and scent   Futoshi Miyagi, Takasago International
Stone  Nerhol
Leaf  Participants
Cooperation   Kwasan Astronomical Observatory
Fabrication  SHISEIDO
Photography  Ryuji Nakamura




名称 しつらい(宮永さん曰く)
用途 宮永愛子によるオンライン茶会「Voyage」のための茶箱
場所 パソコンの前、花山天文台(オンライン)
完成 2021年8月10日
茶会名 Voyage
開催日 2021年8月18日 12時〜24時
素材     寒冷紗、紙こより糸
寸法 320φ
主催 資生堂
席主 宮永愛子
しつらい 中村竜治、田中義久
手紙+香り ミヤギフトシ、高砂香料工業
石 Nerhol
葉っぱ 参加者
協力 花山天文台
製作 資生堂
撮影 中村竜治

Ryuji Nakamura and Associates