Ryuji Nakamura and Associates

Eyewear shop located in the basin

This Eyewear shop is located in the basin called Sakudaira, which is surrounded by high mountains in the eastern part of Nagano Prefecture. There are few tall buildings, so you can see beautiful mountains. There is a restaurant on the east side, a road on the west side, a DIY store parking lot on the south side, and a park on the north side. What is unique about this site is that there are no obstacles to the boundaries between them, and people can come and go from all directions, and some even pass through the site. These features immediately reminded me of a building with no front or back, like a large tree or an arbor standing alone in a park, and I thought that such a style would be suitable for the purpose of a shop. Taking into consideration the omnidirectional nature of the building and the fact that it is a cold region, we designed the planar shape to be close to a circle (more precisely, a slightly crushed 36xagonal shape), and arranged windows of the same shape evenly. Inside, the backyard is nested so that customers can walk around the window. Outside, you can freely walk around the building, and inside, there are no dead ends and you can enjoy a 360° view of the surrounding scenery. I hope that the shop will be like a tree or an arbor, where people come from various directions, spend time, and pass through.

Name: JINS Sakudaira
Use: Eyewear shop
Completion: April 12, 2023
Site: 1496-1, Kamitoyohashi, Iwamurada, Saku, Nagano, Japan
Site area: 481.60m2
Structure: Wood
Number of floors: one-story building
Total floor area: 197.30m2
Client: JINS (Miyuki Onodera)
Design and supervision: Ryuji Nakamura and Associates (Ryuji Nakamura, Makiko Wakaki)
Structural design: Enshu structural consultants (Noboru Enshu, Saki Ueda)
Equipment design: Komodo (Tomoyuki Matsui)
Construction: Takehana Gumi (Masami Yano, Yutaka Kiuchi, Shigeru Masegaki), Space (Yo Ka)
Photography: Ryuji Nakamura






Ryuji Nakamura and Associates